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MAGIC Publisher

Streaming The Smarter Way

MAGIC Publisher is a cost-effective online video platform that enables you to broadcast videos on your website, simply and quickly. You can encode and upload videos and create a digital media library, customise a range of media players to fit with your brand, and stream videos directly to your website. It’s everything you need to transform your website into a multimedia showcase.

With broadband now commonplace, businesses can take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their media strategies. By adding high quality streaming videos to your website or to your viewers mobile devices, your online presence can be transformed from a static text heavy information service to a truly transmedia experience.

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Everything You Need To Succeed

MAGIC Publisher has all the features you need to quickly and easily set up and run an engaging video campaign, from simple video players, to a searchable web tv video portal, including:

  • Fast encode to all web video formats
  • Detailed management information
  • Unlimited video library
  • Social network publication
  • Multi device support
  • Easy CMS integration
  • Custom Players
  • WebTV Portal with theme support

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How does it work?

Getting your business started with MAGIC Publisher is quick and simple. Simply sign up to get started

You do not need any technical knowledge to be able to use the Magic Publisher Online Video Platform. The intuitive and easy interface makes it a pleasure to use, guiding you through a few steps, from uploading videos to online video delivery to Mobiles or Web connected devices

You can access the service from anywhere in the world via a web browser. Included in the application is a comprehensive management information package so you can keep track of everything you need to know; from number of views, video viewing averages, drop off rates and the data that has been streamed.

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